Be My eyes and be My ears, Seeing, listening to hear All those who need Me. Be My hands and be My feet, Reaching, walking thus to meet The souls who seek Me. Let your heart be so like Mine, Calling on My love, divine, That all who pass you on their way Will turn […]

Be Still (Psalm 46:10)

“Be still and know that I am God.” God, Creator, Sustainer, Lover. Be still and know that I am — am, was and always will be. Be still and know that I — I, and no other, am He. Be still and know that — that I care for you more than any other. Be […]

Sacred Seventh

Spirit of God fill my heart  This Sabbath night holy night.  Bring Your peace and put to rest  My worthless ways and foolishness.  In place of fear grant holy zeal  That even Satan cannot steal.  Feed me with your living Word,  Wash me in Messiah’s blood.  Free me from myself and sin  So I will […]

Great Expectations

Great expectations delight our Most High God, Mysterious, unexpected are His ways. Though our cherished plans go awry,  His good purposes will prevail. Joshua declared — sun stood still.  March, shout — walls fell flat. What visions, what dreams throb within? Jesus said ask — mountains will move. Great Expectations  Soar on wings of faith […]

Kingdom Come

  Oh how we seek that kingdom come When Satan’s rule is finally done And peace is on this earth at last, With sin and evil finally past. How happy we all will be; The patriarchs we’ll finally see And hear their stories of the past, Then join together at trumpet’s blast. The flesh will […]


  “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).   Blessed are you who believe —  when confusion reigns, when mountains loom high, when faith is tried.   Blessed are you who believe —  when dark clouds gather, and storms rage,  when calamities come crashing in. Blessed are you who […]

The Reality of Marriage 

  Before I got married, I didn’t know the reality That the easiest thing to grow Would be apart. Apart a little at a time Until it makes a hole.   Before I got married, I didn’t know the reality That the hardest thing to grow Would be a part. A part a little at […]


  God worked and then rested — He created, then blessed A sanctuary in time. In life’s blur, a quiet clime To pause, recalibrate, Rejoice, invigorate —  Weekly re-creation,  Sabbath celebration.   Helen Heavirland  


  The message came. Come away to a desert place and rest awhile. The way opened. I left my work in the valley to tread the sandy soil amid the junipers,  To listen to the whispers in the sage. Stop. Be still. Know that I am God. Pause. Ponder. Praise. Dream My dreams. And I […]


For the barest moment as I consider Eden’s darkness that lurks within my own heart, despair flickers before unspeakable wonder floods the margins of my mind and spills over into my spirit, ineffable wonder that His Infinite Presence stables once more in this dust.   Sandra H. Bounds