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Necessary Transgressions

Why the gospel will be spoken against in a world like ours.

by Jason Overman2015-5-file451297827287

A shudder ran through the church the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Even for those of us who weren’t surprised by the decision, it came with a sense of foreboding — as if we had reached an end. If there was any doubt before, we are now most certainly living in what many call post-Christian America, and that reality presents us with new and serious challenges.

How did we get here, and how should the church respond? Read More »

Featured Article

Closing a Chapter

by Calvin Burrell2015-4-dreamstime_s_19565240

The magazine you hold (or read online) completes my eighteenth year as its editor. My first issue was the September 1997 BA, following the editorial service of Elder Roy Marrs. From then until now, 147 separate issues of the magazine have been published and distributed, totaling 4,108 pages of print, pictures, and covers. Read More »

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Heart Matters

by Manasseh Mark Bombeo2015-4-DT-1853804

The obsessive and exaggerated observance of church system and practice is common in the modern church. Nothing is wrong with proper church systems. But a temptation lurks in the excessive desire for orderly service and religious programming above the spiritual health of people. Read More »