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Choosing Godly Leaders

What we boast about offers clues to our character.

by Jonathon Hicks2015-4-dreamstime_m_8331174

This summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting most of this change, for better or for worse. Read More »

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A Leader Reflects

The BA talks with outgoing G. C. President Whaid Rose about his eighteen years of service and his future.



BA: For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, briefly review your personal spiritual journey.

WR: I was born on the island of Jamaica and raised by my staunch Seventh-day Adventist grandmother. I accepted Christ at age twelve and began my Christian walk as an Adventist. Read More »

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Our Rest, His Glory

Creation, salvation, relaxation, adoration: finding simple links.

by Greg Lincoln15-3-dreamstime_l_19224486


Rest: What a glorious word! Those who’ve labored under a summer sun know the blessing simple rest can bring. Remember that tall glass of iced lemonade under a shaded porch with a gentle breeze blowing? Rest, even in small portions, is glorious indeed! Read More »