Prayer: why bother?

Prayer: Why Bother?

Prayer is God’s personal invitation to engage in direct, one-on-one relationship with Him, the very purpose for which we were created.

vibrant leadership


What is vibrant leadership? Nailing down a definition for vibrant leadership can be like that cliché about nailing Jell-O to a wall.

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For the Joy of It!

The book of Ezekiel begins with the prophet’s calling. At age 30, Ezekiel was in exile with Israel on the Kebar River when God singled him out for special purposes and ministry. God placed before him a bewildering vision. At the end of it, Ezekiel saw the glory of the Lord. In awe, he fell […]

Jessica’s Legacy

I had the privilege of interviewing a special lady named Jessica recently. I met her at church when she was about nine or so, and I was always touched by her sincerity and quiet strength. Jessica was captured in my wedding video when she was a little girl. We have had a good relationship. With […]


Did Adam’s sin cause him to stop being the “son of God”?

Did Adam’s sin cause him to stop being the “son of God,” and thus all descendants of his since?   In a word, no. But that isn’t the only word on the topic. Being created by God, the first Adam and his descendants are rightly called God’s offspring (Acts 17:28). Adam’s sin caused him to […]

How do we reconcile the Bible’s teaching of a God of love and a God of wrath?

How do we reconcile the Bible’s teaching of a God of love and a God of wrath? There is no reconciliation to be made in God’s nature. God’s love and God’s wrath exist in the context of one another. As surely as a mountain’s peak cannot exist without the valley deep, so God’s love cannot […]


Jesus Revolution

In the 1970s, young Greg Laurie (Joel Courtney) was searching for all the right things in all the wrong places — until he met Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), a charismatic hippie street preacher. Together with Pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer), they opened the doors of Smith’s languishing church to an unexpected revival of radical and […]

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible is being release on DVD and digital February 14. When a professional basketball team suddenly announces open tryouts, a high school janitor gets a second chance at both love and life.  Scott Beck’s (David A.R. White) life has not gone to plan. Working as the janitor at the high school where he […]