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Love: In Union with Christ

The greatest fruit for the highest cause can never finally fail.

by John Klassek2015-4-dreamstime_m_4612633

Is the hope for Jesus’ return close to your heart and mind as it was for first century disciples who believed that Jesus would return in their lifetime? Read More »

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In One Accord

From doctrines to polity, CoG7 does business with gusto and grace.

by Kenneth R. Lawson2015-4-dreamstime_m_41962542

We called them “campmeetings,” and sometimes they were just that — with the main meetings in a big tent. For smaller groups, we went to the corners of the tent, or outside if weather permitted. We sat on folding chairs and were not always comfortable. We camped out in tents or small trailers. We loved those times. Read More »

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Gen2Gen Ministry

by An Old Friend2015-4-dreamstime_m_22212273


Transitions are always times of crisis, but crisis is not the enemy! Generational transitions, whether personal or organizational, are times of great opportunity. Read More »

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Choosing Godly Leaders

What we boast about offers clues to our character.

by Jonathon Hicks2015-4-dreamstime_m_8331174

This summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting most of this change, for better or for worse. Read More »