Hope   You don’t ask a fish to shed its scales and take to the sky, Nor do you ask the flowers to sing a chorus Yet you ask me to have hope?   But in my heart of hearts I know You called blind men to see  And deaf men to hear,  The […]

Winter Morning

Winter Morning A forest sparkles bright in dawning sun amid new-fallen snow this day begun. There’s stirring movement here throughout the trees in rustling boughs . . . a sermon in the breeze in quiet celebration of God’s ways. The faithful trees stand sure in utmost praise — the woodland thriving patient for the Spring […]

Hymn of Thanksgiving

Hymn of Thanksgiving   For the fields of ripened grain, for scarlet leaves and gentle rain; For rays of sunlight beaming bright, for soft moonbeams to gleam at night— Lord, I lift my voice and sing as to You my thanks I bring.   For the family that is mine, parents, children — gifts divine; […]

Autumn Beauty

Autumn Beauty   Dawn hides and hesitates. Evening light quickly fades   As autumn descends upon The high desert.   Zucchini and tomatoes cling to vines,   Though fronds brown and curl. Vibrant yellow rabbitbrush fades to feathery fluff As blustery winds the tiny parachute-seeds unfurl.   Patches of brilliant orange-red leaves Flame against dark evergreens. Golden […]

Living the Gospel

Living the Gospel Reach out each day, extend your hand — as though a bough upon a trail. Let nature of His way command the sharing of your heart — a sail from copse to sea and further on — from shore to shore. With every hour, reflect His love with each new dawn. Be […]

Like A Tree

Like a Tree   “They will be like a tree planted by the water . . . its leaves are always green” (Jeremiah 17:8, NIV)   Like a tree by a stream, let me be, my roots deep in moist soil, so when drought comes, heavens don’t give rain, I stand green and flourishing.   […]

The Weak Worker

The Weak Worker  Ambassador-at-large should be my role With headquarters moving through my day, Reflecting best my Savior is my goal Though at times I fail Him miserably. Why I’m kept on the payroll, I don’t know. I learn but slight, am quick with slip of tongue And sometimes feel my progress is but slow. […]

Hear Me, Lord!

Hear Me, Lord! (Genesis 18:20-33)   Out of Your orchestras of many voices, I lack the power of timpani, the charm of harp, sweetness of violin, richness of cello. I am the least ping of a string, a chord untuned, yet I know You accept my tries, Oh Lord, and direct me, for my whole life […]

Master Artist

Master Artist The canvas must be silent as the artist paints the scene. The paper, too, waits anxiously while the author shares his dream. The many lines surrender to the architect’s keen plan. The clay must yield to form  and shape . . . in the gentle potter’s hand. And we, the most unyielding of […]

Defiant Faith

Defiant Faith             Oh give me, Lord, a faith unbound By doubts and fears that may assail. Grant me, I pray, a faith that’s more Than what’s behind, or what’s before. A heart that longs to see Your face, A soul unchanged by time or place. Oh give me, Lord, with […]