Jason Overman


  Hope   You don’t ask a fish to shed its scales and take to the sky, Nor do you ask the flowers to sing a chorus Yet you ask me to have hope?   But in my heart of hearts I know You called blind men to see  And deaf men to hear,  The […]

Ron Overman

First Word – Remembering Dad

A Father’s Gift My first Bible advocate wasn’t the magazine. I’d seen it around the house growing up, but I didn’t pay it much attention until later in life. No, my first advocate didn’t come to me on paper but in a person. My dad.  From my earliest memories, I watched him reading his well-worn […]

Attention Sabbath Schools

FYI The New Quarterly Starts This Sabbath If you haven’t noticed already, there were fourteen Sabbaths in this quarter and there are twelve in the first quarter of 2023. So start the new quarterly on the last Sabbath in December (this Sabbath December 31st) to even up our Sabbaths and complete the lessons in a […]

New AudioBA!

Greetings BA readers…and listeners. The new AudioBA is uploaded and ready for a listen. Find it here: https://baonline.org/podcast/ep-006-november-december-2022/ This completes our first full year (6 episodes) of the AudioBA in English. I’m excited to announce that the Spanish AudioBA is coming soon. Stay tuned and hopefully you’ll be able to listen to it in the […]

doesn’t the Bible say that I have a home in heaven (2 Corinthians 5:1)?

I understand the concept of “soul sleep,” but doesn’t the Bible say that I have a home in heaven (2 Corinthians 5:1)?   The belief that we go to heaven when we die is widespread within Christianity and without it. This in itself illuminates a truth buried in every human heart, that there must be […]

This We Believe II

Greetings BA Readers, Special thanks to the new GC Communications Director, Jamin Teran, for cutting this video promotion with me for the new adult quarterly: Part 2 of the This We Believe Series. We’re looking forward to more video promos to come. Watch and enjoy. Jason Overman, Editor

A Special BA!

Greetings Dear Readers, The new digital BA is uploaded and ready for you to read, download or listen to. See the quick links to the September-October 2022 issue below. Remember that at BAOnline the BA is just a click away! This is a very special Bible Advocate. The theme for this edition is “The People […]

With You!

A Lord’s Supper reflection. As I prepared for our annual Lord’s Supper service last April, I realized that this year would be my fortieth Supper since my baptism. I pondered the significance of that large number. Like Israel’s forty-year journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land, my own journey of faith has had its […]


Greetings Bible Advocate readers (and listeners!). The Sept-Oct BA magazine is in the mail and heading your way. The digital magazine will be posted here at BAOnline on Thursday, Sept. 1. But you don’t have to wait to enjoy the new issue: “The People of the Gospel”. Click the link below and listen to the […]

Where does the saying “Be in the world but not of it” come from?

Where does the saying “Be in the world but not of it” come from, and what does it mean?   This familiar expression is derived from Jesus’ prayer for His disciples in John 17: “Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world . . . They are not of […]