When He is Silent

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When He is Silent


When fears arise, ‘mid sorrows deep,

When there’s no rock beneath my feet,

When terrors grip and hearts despair,

Can He be found? Is He not there?

When hear I not His calming voice,

When doubting seems my only choice,

To go alone and not return,

But will I then His love discern?

So speak to me, oh silent One,

Please take my hand and call me son.

Stay by my side in times like these;

Please turn and see me on my knees.

Will darkness plague me to the end?

If light is gone, should I pretend?

Or is His touch what now I feel?

He bids me stand, but still I kneel.

And softly do His fingers rest

Upon my brokenheartedness.

And for an instant, see Him there,

Beside me in my falt’ring prayer.

He speaks in whispers to my heart,

And tells me He will never part.

Through stormy seas, my soul will keep,

And find my rest at His dear feet.

  • Nathanael Reed
Nathanael Reed
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Nathanael Reed was an elementary school teacher/principal for 29 years. He has had numerous articles and poems published in such periodicals as Faith Today and Our Canada. He has also published five books: Thunderbird Gold, Goodbyes Along the Way, Visions of Eternity (with his son, Joel), God of the Trees, and Mystery at Red Marsh Lake. Nathanael and his wife, Joyce, live in St. Thomas, Ontario.