We are all theologians.

We’re All Theologians, and That Can Be Dangerous

Everyone is ultimately a theologian. Theological decisions are constantly made by everyone, and therefore we are all theologians.


Doctrine? Yuck!

Does doctrine have any connection to a relationship with Jesus? Does the Bible give any instruction regarding whether we should have a doctrinal statement?

biblical interpretation

3 Strategies for More Honest Biblical Interpretation

Biblical interpretation is a process which requires more patience and work to ensure one is on the right track.

Fine-tuned heart

Fine-tuned Heart

The heart is an organ, a muscle at the center of our circulatory system. It is the size of a fist, weighs less than a pound, and never stops.

Fine-tuned eye

Fine-tuned Eye

The eye has been fine-tuned in ways that evolution could never do. Seeing didn't happen by accident. Success comes through the Creator.

fine-tuned water

Fine-tuned Water

Today I want to continue by looking at something we tend to take for granted: water. Without it there would be no life!

fine-tuned world

Fine-tuned World

When talking about evolution versus creation, there is a phrase that makes all the difference in the world: “fine-tuned argument.”

Mind Meld

Mind Meld

When we pray Bible and study the Bible, we are mind melding with God. Let Him put His mind in us so we can become one with Him.

saved by grace

Justified by the Law Or Saved by Grace?

We are saved by grace, not works. We DO the law (Ten Commandments) as it is not voided by grace. We are only saved by grace through faith.

When and Where is the Kingdom?

Where and When is the Kingdom?

There is a kingdom that is and is yet to come. We are saved and included in that kingdom only by the grace of the delay.