Martin Cicero

Fine-tuned heart

Fine-tuned Heart

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor this article, I was struggling as to whether I wanted to talk about the heart or the brain….

Fine-tuned eye

Fine-tuned Eye

Reading Time: 2 minutesHave you ever thought about the human eye and what it takes for us to see? Dr. Faris Ghosheh,…

fine-tuned water

Fine-tuned Water

Reading Time: 2 minutesAs I continue to look at our world and how fine-tuned it is, I am so…

fine-tuned world

Fine-tuned World

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen talking about evolution versus creation, there is a phrase that makes all the difference in…

Word Meanings and Worldviews

Word Meanings and Worldviews

Reading Time: 2 minutesYears ago, I read that if we change the meaning of our words, we end up changing history if…

What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel?

Reading Time: 2 minutesMy church family and I have been talking about things these last few weeks that lead up to a…

ACTIVE prayer

6 Elements of ACTIVE Prayer

Reading Time: 6 minutesHow have you been taught to pray? Do you follow a specific format when you pray? Do you need…

Is God still in control

Is God Still in Control?

Reading Time: 3 minutesI am not sure what God considers the last days, but to me, it sure…

Critical Thinking

Is Critical Thinking Important Today?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith all the information that is available to us today, we can’t believe something just because it is in…

Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?

Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you ever wonder why our prayers don’t seem to be answered? Reality is, God…