fine-tuned world

Fine-tuned World

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When talking about evolution versus creation, there is a phrase that makes all the difference in the world: “fine-tuned argument.” This is a phrase that we need to remember.

I have read that some of the greatest atheist scientists try not to deal with a fine-tuned argument. So, what is a fine-tuned argument? According to Eric Metaxas of, this is a fine-tuned argument: “There are certain things about our universe – and about our planet – that seem to be so extremely perfectly calibrated that they can hardly be coincidental.”

Creation Is Fact and Evolution Is the Myth

This fine-tuned argument comes from science. We have been told for years that science is continually proving that Creation is just a myth. Not so! True science is slowly revealing that Creation is fact and evolution is the myth.

True science is slowly revealing that Creation is fact and evolution is the myth. – Martin Cicero Share on X

The reason that we haven’t seen this is because any one fine-tuned argument could be considered a “fluke,” a “coincidence,” or an accident, but when you compile the list of hundreds of fine-tuned arguments, there is no way this is anything but the mighty hand of a Creator.

Criteria for Life on a Planet

As an example, we were originally told that there were two criteria for life on a planet. The two criteria according to Carl Sagan were, 1) Be near a star like our sun, and 2) Be a certain distance from that star. With the size of the universe and the simpleness of the two criteria, it was possible to speculate that there were hundreds of other inhabited planets. Since then, others have continued researching this topic.

Walt Jurek, a former Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics at the USAF Academy, writes that in 2004, one Christian astrophysicist, Hugh Ross, identified 200 parameters required for a planet to sustain life. Jurek writes, “Considering 200 parameters, it is virtually mathematically impossible for Earth to support life.”

Life on Earth Is no Accident

Life on earth is no accident. These factors prove it is no accident:

    • the size of the earth
    • the tilt of the axis
    • the size of the moon
    • the distance from the sun
    • the distance from the moon
    • the gravitational pull
    • water
    • rotation speed
    • the magnetic field
    • the thickness of the crust
    • oxygen to nitrogen ratio
    • and about 190 other criteria.
Life on earth is no accident. – Martin Cicero Share on X

Jim Stephens, Oceanographer with the U.S. Navy, writes, “If the earth moved just 2% closer or farther from the sun, there would be no more water. The gravitational pull of the earth is exactly right for keeping water vapor trapped, but also amazingly and precisely right for letting methane and ammonia escape from the earth. These gases would be deadly. A few percentage points change in that and we all die.”

What a fine-tuned world God created for us!

Watch for the next “fine-tuned” article, coming soon!

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