Eternal Kingdom

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Eternal Kingdom

I saw her pause, lean on her cane

to listen to another person in pain,

offering the hurt to share.

I glimpsed her bouquet of garden flowers

as she entered a sick room at visiting hours,

bringing needed comfort and care.

Once more, I viewed as she bowed to pray

beside the casket of one gone away,

though she was no blood kin.

And later, when she cradled a sleeping newborn,

she said to his mother, who seemed tired and worn,

“What a blessing your family has been.”

At her funeral I offered my own silent prayer,

as I heard the praise for this life that shared

our Lord’s view of human worth.

There I asked Him to guide my footsteps each day

so the actions I take, the words that I say

will remain when I’m gone from this earth.


-Chris Ahlemann

Chris Ahlemann
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Chris Ahlemann has published over 700 of her writings in The Quiet Hour, Vista, Today's Christina Woman, The Secret Place, LIVE, The Lutheran Journal, and many other publications. She writes greeting verse for Warner Press, Inc. for their Christian Art boxed cards. Chris and her husband live in Draper, UT.