A Meeting

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A Meeting


I kneel upon a sandy shore

where I have often been before,

though usually there are folks galore —

But now, there’s only me

and this kindly Man of Galilee.


Over lapping waves I hear Him speak,

“Dear child, it is My might you seek

to overcome where you are weak.”

I look, and then His face I see,

this benevolent Man of Galilee.


“Oh, yes. Oh, yes!” I stretch my hand,

hoping He will understand

how very much I want to stand —

How much I yearn to be

like Him, this Man of Galilee.


He reaches then His own scarred limb

to bring my heart up close to Him,

until I feel a strength within —

I rise to walk along the sea

beside this Man of Galilee.


Chris Ahlemann


Chris Ahlemann
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Chris Ahlemann has published over 700 of her writings in The Quiet Hour, Vista, Today's Christina Woman, The Secret Place, LIVE, The Lutheran Journal, and many other publications. She writes greeting verse for Warner Press, Inc. for their Christian Art boxed cards. Chris and her husband live in Draper, UT.