Autumn Beauty

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Autumn Beauty


Dawn hides and hesitates.

Evening light quickly fades  

As autumn descends upon

The high desert.


Zucchini and tomatoes cling to vines,  

Though fronds brown and curl.

Vibrant yellow rabbitbrush fades to feathery fluff

As blustery winds the tiny parachute-seeds unfurl.


Patches of brilliant orange-red leaves

Flame against dark evergreens.

Golden aspens dance and sing 

In the crisp fall breeze.


Mountain peaks don a mantle of white.

In this season of death and decay

The Creator decorates all nature

With incredible splendor on display. 


Though this mortal tent be worn and wobbly

In the autumn of my life,

May the Master wield His mighty brush

And paint His beauty within me, 

Glowing for His glory, a testimony of His grace.

  • Yvonne Kays
Yvonne Kays
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Yvonne Kays  writes inspirational short story and poetry and co-facilitates Writing from the Heart, a Christian writing support group that meets monthly. Since retiring from substance abuse prevention work in 2010, she has been published in LIVE, God’s Word for Today, The Plus Years, The Christian Journal, Chicken Soup anthologies, and James Stuart Bell’s book, Encountering Jesus. Yvonne is married and lives in Bend, OR.