July August 2022

Go Work in the Vineyard Today

One of Jesus’ shortest parables has always stuck out to me — even haunted me. Just these few verses make me examine myself to see who I really am as a Christian, and often, I don’t like what I see. “What do you think? A man had two sons. And he went to the first […]

Hardening of the Heart

Arteriosclerosis is a physical health condition brought on when plaque and cholesterol form in our arteries and cause them to harden and lose their elasticity. Over time, arteriosclerosis can completely close an artery, thus depriving the body of vital oxygen-rich blood and leading to physical death. However, if discovered in the early stages, the condition […]

‘Crowing’ the Apostles’ Doctrine

It was beyond chaotic. Crowds had gathered at night around the central courthouse and watched as the government condemned the Man. Such a trial was against the law of the land, but circumstances were so threatening to the government, the leaders believed they needed to try this Man. Without any counsel presented for the defense, […]

O Foolish Galatians!

Of all the Pauline writings, which represent almost half of the New Testament books, the letter to the Galatians is the best defense against those who seek to “complement” the gospel of Christ with other practices, doctrines, or philosophies. It is a different kind of letter, where the apostle showed his total indignation at the […]

Seeing as Jesus Sees

My to-do list was too long: trips to the post office and grocery store, housecleaning, and birthday party prep. Could I complete everything before guests arrived at noon to celebrate our granddaughter’s first birthday? I rushed to the post office, only to discover it wasn’t open yet. Determined to finish all my tasks, I skipped […]

Despising the Word?

Have you ever felt like Peter in Matthew 26, when he loudly and proudly proclaimed to Jesus that even if everyone else fell away, he would remain loyal — that even if faced with death, he would never deny his Lord? We all know the rest of that story. Peter not only denied Jesus three […]

Hijacked by God

It’s Thursday night. There is something important I need to do tonight, but I am dreading it with every fiber of my being. You see, Thursday night in our house is family Bible study night. I shudder as I remember last Thursday’s attempt at Bible study. I close my eyes and say a quick prayer: […]

How do we reconcile divine grace and human responsibility in the work of salvation?  

How do we reconcile divine grace and human responsibility in the work of salvation?     Ephesians 2:8 is maybe the best verse for understanding the divine-human dynamic in the work of salvation. Through this text we can assert, by introduction, that these two are reconciled within a particular covenant relationship. Let’s look: “For by grace […]

Living the Gospel

Living the Gospel Reach out each day, extend your hand — as though a bough upon a trail. Let nature of His way command the sharing of your heart — a sail from copse to sea and further on — from shore to shore. With every hour, reflect His love with each new dawn. Be […]


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