January February 2019

When We Don’t Understand

by Gordon Feil Job isn’t a mythical character. There’s ample reason to regard him as a historical person (Ezekiel 14:14, 20). Job’s worldview was turned on its head by the events he endured and the emotions he experienced. The story of these related in the book of Job teaches us that God is sovereign. He […]

pyramids in egypt

Out of Egypt: A Journey to True Freedom

A remarkable journey to freedom in Christ.

ancient scroll

The Unveiled Christ: Old Testament Symbols of Jesus

An exploration of 2 Corinthians 3:14.

statue of moses

Portrait of a Leader: The Making of Moses

What the making of Moses means for us.

evangelists in sierra leone

On Mission . . . In Sierra Leone

Our brothers in Sierra Leone discuss some of the challenges they are currently facing.

man hiking

How to Clarify Your Calling

Embracing Christ’s invitation and responding to God's overall narrative.



Seeing our need for transformation before we respond to the Great Commission.

child blowing bubbles

Goin’ ta Jesus

A sexual abuse survivor becomes a little child again.


Catch ‘Em Like a Salmon: 6 Rules for Fishers of Men

Some rules hold true for both kinds of fishing.

The Little Commission: Before You “Go”

Improving our witness by going back to worship.