Jody McCoy 

Amazing Grace

Jesus has entrusted us with a critical rescue mission where eternal destinies hang in the balance. Most of us realize we let Jesus down. Our lack of faithfulness reflects our lack of love. My purpose isn’t to immerse us in guilt — that’s self focused; but to help us see how much we’ve been forgiven […]

A Friend to Jesus

In Luke 7:36-50, two people befriend Jesus. The first is Simon the Pharisee. Though the other Pharisees want to kill Jesus, Simon realizes He could be the real thing; He can heal and even raise the dead. So Simon invites Jesus home for a meal, and He accepts. Soon after they sit down to eat, […]

Rescue Mission

After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, Israel was finally ready to enter the Promised Land. Moses told them that if they loved and obeyed God, He would drive out the nations before them. No one would be able to stand against them, and every place they set their foot would be theirs (Deuteronomy […]



Transmitting God's love to others through His transforming grace.



We cannot truly belong to Christ if we try to earn our salvation.



Seeing our need for transformation before we respond to the Great Commission.

The Great Commission

The three stages of Transforming Vision into Reality (TVR) are Jesus as our Savior (justification), Jesus as our Lord (sanctification), and the Great Commission (loving obedience). The Holy Spirit transforms our vision into reality as we focus on Jesus (Stages 1 and 2) and follow His plan (Stage 3). We’ve discussed the first two stages […]

Spirit Led, Grace Grown

A mother was making pancakes for her sons, Kevin (five) and Ryan (three). The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake, so she said, “Now boys, Jesus would let His brother have the first pancake.” Kevin got the message. He turned to his younger brother and said, “Ryan, you be Jesus.” […]

Confronted by Grace

For centuries, the Jews had faithfully worshipped in their synagogues each Sabbath, hoping and waiting for the Messiah to come (John 1:41; 4:25). Their prophets were silent because there had been no word from God for four hundred years. Into this silence, the Messiah was born in Bethlehem. He grew up in Nazareth, humbly dwelling […]

Transforming Vision into Reality

The Church of God (Seventh Day) has a vision of a vibrant 21st century church. In the previous two Bible Advocate issues we explored two elements of that vision: Christ Centered and Bible Based. Since many of you are studying the ten vision points at length in the quarterlies, we don’t need to cover all […]