Cathy Mogus


Catch ‘Em Like a Salmon: 6 Rules for Fishers of Men

Some rules hold true for both kinds of fishing.

Living in Captivity

As a believer, do you ever feel displaced? I do. I grew up in a small American town where God was honored. Most people went to church. The media disallowed profanity and immorality. We respected the President whether we liked him or not. Sad to say, the world I once knew has drastically changed. Although […]

I Was Wrong

Juaquin wandered out of the patch of forest behind our house in Canada’s Yukon Territory, looking like a vagabond. He wore baggy pants, a crumpled shirt, and stringless runners. A large floppy hat covered his frizzy brown hair and half of his face. The boy’s body was too small and his vocabulary too big for […]