Topical Pamphlets

Topical Pamphlets

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Biblical Studies

The Bible encourages us to to study to show ourselves approved of God, to desire the pure milk of the Word. For those who want a deeper plunge into the Bible, the BAP offers these studies.

Christian Obedience

Once we've placed our faith in Christ, what should we do? How should we live? Should our lives be any different than they were before we were saved? The Bible teaches that God places certain expectations on our dedication to Him, including upright moral behavior and faithful financial support of His church. Therefore, the BAP has made available five tracts to guide believers - new and mature - in their walk with Christ.

Life Problems

The Christian life is rewarding and prepares us for our eternal home. But even Jesus said this life wouldn't be trouble free. We have personal conflicts and clashes with the culture. How can we know the proper biblical response to these?


Salvation through the blood of Jesus is the only way we can be made right with God. But what does it mean to be saved? What does the term "born again" mean? What is grace? The BAP offers several approaches to the subject of salvation, including how saving faith brings peace of mind and prepares us to meet God.

Spiritual Growth

Our development as Christians isn’t automatic. Just as the human body needs food and exercise to develop, so the spiritual body must have spiritual food and exercise to grow. Here are some helps along this line.

The Church

Two tracts give a brief summary of the 150=year history of the Church of God (Seventh Day) and information about its present organization and doctrinal statements.

The Future

Death is not a pleasant thought, but it is a reality all of us will face one day. People's speculation and apprehension about this subject have spawned many questions about death. Is there an afterlife? Is there a resurrection of the dead? Part of the future too will be the second coming of Christ. whether we are dead or alive at the time, Christ will return and establish a new heaven and a new earth! But many in our day have become lax in their expectations of this event; many more don't believe in it at all. These tracts help people understand death, events surrounding the Second Coming, and the future of the wicked.

The Sabbath

The seventh day Sabbath was designed by God as a day of delight for man - a day for rest, focus on God, and fellowship with other Christians. Over the years, the Sabbath has been debated in Christian circles. Is the command to observe the Sabbath obsolete? What about Sunday observance? To instruct people on what the Bible says about the Sabbath, the BAP offers these tracts.

Views on Holidays

The Church of God (Seventh Day) doen't celebrate a traditional Christmas or Easter. While the Church affirms the virgin birth of Christ and His resurrection from the dead, it distances itself from these holidays. Why? Find out the biblical reasons in these tracts.