Favorite #Leadership Posts

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Every so often, the editors here at Artios Magazine feel the need to dive into the #leadership world of Tweets and Instagram posts. There’s something exhilarating about scrolling through a social media feed all about leadership and seeing that serendipitous quote or piece of advice that speaks perfectly to your own leadership journey.

#Leadership posts, no matter how sentimental or inspirational, are a good reminder of one simple, yet profound truth—we are all created to lead. God calls each of us to lead people in our everyday spheres into a closer relationship with Him and to show them the wonderful reality that is the Kingdom of God. This kind of leadership may not feel natural to many of us, but with the grace of Christ, even the most introverted personality can find glorious fulfillment in our divine leadership calling.

With this in mind here are a few of our favorite #leadership posts. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram account for more uplifting leadership content every weekday!

Favorite #Leadership Posts:



Are you inspired to continue your leadership journey?

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