Why We Keep Singing Together: An Artios Roundtable Discussion

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For anyone who grew up participating in church communities, the act of singing is almost synonymous with worship. It’s what every congregation, regardless of denomination, location, language, or culture has in common. We all sing songs of adoration and submission to our God. In fact, its been this way throughout history. But how often do we stop to ask why? What might one who has never set foot in a worship service think of our corporate worship in song? Understandably, it must seem odd to the “unchurched” that we gather weekly, get out our instruments and sing to God together. In considering this perspective, we have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection and ask ourselves, why do we keep singing together in corporate praise and worship?

Singing in Worship… Together

That is the question posed to Artios Christian College students taking WOA 301 – Worship Arts. Each student is instructed to answer in blog format why weekly corporate singing has historically been a vehicle for worship. Moreover, they answer why it should continue to be our practice now and in the future.

While answering these questions, the students are advised to reflect on the growing collective attitude that a Jesus-follower doesn’t need to worship corporately but rather can have a solid relationship with Christ individually. Is this attitude biblical? Is it valid? And is it healthy?

Welcome to our Round-Table Discussion

In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of these students’ reflections as articles. Imagine it as a round-table discussion. The Bible is open before each participant as the main and most vital source of truth in fleshing out this topic. Why do we keep singing together in corporate worship? And why must we never stop?

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