doing laundry

How to Fold Laundry… As Unto Jesus

I just abandoned my laundry basket. It’s over half-full of warm, clean clothes. The rest are folded on the couch. Normally I don’t leave chores half-finished. My perfectionism usually won’t allow it. But, the writer in me has the ability to usurp the perfectionist in me. When inspiration strikes, I drop what I’m doing and […]

Why did Jesus say I must hate my family and forsake everything if I want to be His disciple?

Jesus says that if I don’t hate my family and forsake everything, I can’t be His disciple (Luke 14:24-33). Was this extreme discipleship meant only for some people in Jesus’ day, or is it for all Christians?   The word hate in verse 26 is recognized by most Bible scholars as meaning “to love less than.” This is […]