May June 2018

The Law and the Sabbath: This We Believe Part 3

This article covers our seventh and eighth Statements of Faith on the law and the Sabbath. If you had to sum up the law of God in one word, what would it be? On our annual trip through the Bible, my family just finished Leviticus. Holy is a keyword in that book of the law. […]


  God worked and then rested — He created, then blessed A sanctuary in time. In life’s blur, a quiet clime To pause, recalibrate, Rejoice, invigorate —  Weekly re-creation,  Sabbath celebration.   Helen Heavirland  

What’s new about the new covenant?

What’s new about the new covenant? Among God’s formal agreements with men, the old and new covenants take up the most space in Scripture. Let’s compare and contrast them here.  The old covenant was given by God to the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These Israelites were led out of Egypt, through the Red […]

May-June 2018

The May-June 2018 issue of the Bible Advocate is now available. Read it online now, or download the PDF in English or Spanish. « Online Exclusives » The May-June 2018 issue of the Bible Advocate.

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Biblical Inspiration: Authority of Scripture Part 3

How do we know the Bible is from God and reveals God? How did God get the message into the text?