Blind Eyes Opened

There are more than 4.8 million people being sexually exploited worldwide, and more than one million of these are children (International Labour Organization). According to a recent report by the US State Department, the United States is one of the leading consumers of sex trafficking, as well as the leading country of origin for victims. […]

pyramids in egypt

Out of Egypt: A Journey to True Freedom

A remarkable journey to freedom in Christ.

child blowing bubbles

Goin’ ta Jesus

A sexual abuse survivor becomes a little child again.

Of Pharaoh and Pharmaceuticals

Bondage is no archaic reality; it’s alive and well. This fact has been impressed on me repeatedly this week. First, my daily Bible readings have taken me through the early chapters of Exodus and the last chapters of Galatians. Bondage is a key theme in both. These passages remind us that freedom is God’s gift […]

person sitting with head down

What Christians Need to Understand About Shame

Shame on you! is something we say to someone who behaves poorly. It’s our response to a person caught red handed and unapologetic. In effect, we’re telling them: “What you’ve done is wrong and you should feel guilt, regret, and humiliation.” In these types of situations, we want the offender to claim guilt so that […]