God’s love

How do we reconcile the Bible’s teaching of a God of love and a God of wrath?

How do we reconcile the Bible’s teaching of a God of love and a God of wrath? There is no reconciliation to be made in God’s nature. God’s love and God’s wrath exist in the context of one another. As surely as a mountain’s peak cannot exist without the valley deep, so God’s love cannot […]

Never Will I Leave You

“I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). When I was eight years old, I read Bible verses that explained God’s love, my sin, Jesus’ sacrifice, and my need to repent and accept God’s grace in faith. God spoke to my heart. Although not audibly, He called to me: “Trust Me. Follow Me. […]

The Fullness

Most of us have a favorite verse of Scripture and, if asked, could tell why we like that text a lot. Could we also explain how the verses just before and after our favorite impact and help unpack its full meaning? Without revealing its location yet, I’ll tell you my favorite verse for today and […]

Biblical interpretation

How Do You Learn Proper Biblical Interpretation?

Have you heard or read something about what is in the Bible and wondered, “Is that really right?” How do you learn Biblical interpretation?

The Keeper of My Heart

In her new book, The Keeper of My Heart, author Ashley Wichlenski helps young girls find their worth through God’s love. Formatted as a series of letters from The Keeper of Your Heart, each page pours out love to young readers. The Keeper of My Heart makes the nature of God’s unconditional love —complete, forever, […]

Inside Job

Wendi Johnson as told to Karen Foster I pulled my baking sheet out of the oven and inhaled the sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies. When I bit into a warm one, my tears came — again. These cookies were bound for the male inmates in one of our state prisons. Would one of the […]

Relationship-Fueled Leaders

Let’s face it. When a Christian leader considers their ministry to-do list, it’s the equivalent of swiping through a newsfeed on a smartphone. Barring Jesus’ return, that list is never, ever going to end. To press the metaphor further, there’s a word for getting so lost in your smartphone that you ignore the physical people […]

Butterflies for Shelly

In the ladies’ room of the county courthouse, my daughter Shelly collapsed in my arms and sobbed, mascara smearing her cheeks. “Mom, I have to go on the witness stand next, and I don’t think I can do it. I’m so scared.” Oh, God, help me! I’m in way over my head. I held Shelly […]