SHINE-ing in Prison

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On December 5, 2013, SHINE ministry director Ernesto Frausto and four other brethren visited the social rehabilitation center in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, to take the Word of God to the inmates of this prison.

Entering the place was done with much surveillance. After about an hour, five members were allowed entry. We headed to the prison library and waited for the arrival of the brothers to this place. I say “brothers” because everyone who attended said they had already accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. This group meets for midweek Bible study, led by their pastor Ulysses — also an inmate.

Brother Frausto expressed that the reason for our being there was to praise God with them as one body. Brother Armando, a CoG7 member in Chihuahua, played his guitar to lead worship. The inmates sang with much passion. Their voices sounded like a choir.

The Word of God was shared, and an invitation asked the men to commit that they would behave as His children in that place, with Jesus Christ dwelling in them.

On Thursday we returned to deliver toiletries. We left that place feeling blessed — they for allowing themselves to be loved by strangers and we by witnessing the power of God when invoked wholeheartedly.


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