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An Interview With God

Many people would jump at the chance to interview God. An Interview with God offers cinema audiences a look at what that experience might be like. Coming to US movie theaters August 20-22, the film will also offer viewers an engaging discussion following the featured content, based on the movie’s inspiring themes. Covering the war […]

Museum of the Bible Exhibits

A number of exhibits are still running or will soon open at the Museum of the Bible. Sacred Drama: Performing the Bible in Renaissance Florence runs through September 30. It offers a rare opportunity to learn about Sacred Drama (Sacra Rappresentazione), a theme never before featured in an exhibition in the United States. Sacred dramas […]


Mark Schultz, esteemed and beloved singer/songwriter, will release his first full-length project in six years, Follow, on August 17. The album features Schultz’s brand new songs “Hope is Rising,” “Time Goes So Fast,” “Psalm 91,” and others, as well as his timeless fan favorites, like the worship anthems “God of Glory” and “I Am.” The […]

The Bible the only God-Breathed BOOK

THERE is no book used more widely as a source book of information for guidance in Christian living than the Holy Bible. Indeed, there is no other book more worthy of this general usage! The Bible — and only the Bible — serves as the guide to the Church of God in matters pertaining to […]

La Biblia es el único LIBRO que Dios Inspiró

NO EXISTE un libro usado más ampliamente como libro de información para orientación como guía en la vida Cristiana que la santa Biblia. ¡De hecho, no hay otro libro más digno de este uso general! La Biblia, y solo la Biblia, sirve como guía para la Iglesia de Dios en asuntos relacionados con la salvación […]

2017 Bible Advocate Themes

Annual theme: “Reforming-Transforming”   This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. When Martin Luther nailed his “Ninety-five Theses” to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany (1517), he had no idea that his reforming challenge would launch a movement that reverberates around the world to this day. Recovering Holy Scripture as the rule […]

This Issue’s Authors

Francis Freed (“Unchanging Light,” p. 17) has been published in A Time of Singing, Life (Gospel Publishing House), Ancient Paths, Our Journey, and Cape Cod Life. He lives in Narragansett, RI. Ron Gallagher (“No Audition Necessary,” p. 18) is involved in various freelance writing projects. He publishes weekly articles for his blog Gallagher’s Pen ( […]

September-October 2015

BA Extras This issue’s freelance writers State of the Church Address – Whaid Rose Read it online now, or download the PDF in English or Spanish

The Genre of Revelation

Genre refers to a category, or type, of something. Regarding the books of the Bible, it refers to their literary type. For instance, Judges is a historical book, Song of Songs a poetic one. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John make up a unique genre called Gospel, while Paul’s and Peter’s writings are called epistles, or […]

This Issue’s Authors

J. Robledo (“When Death is Spent,” p. 16) self-published a science fiction novel a few years ago and self-published a poem, “Renaissance and a Birthday,” as well as an article in Wisdom Crieth Without. R. J. lives in Iowa, LA. Joyce Macias (“My Prayer Chair,” p. 26) has published articles and poems in such publications […]