2017 Bible Advocate Themes

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Annual theme:



This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. When Martin Luther nailed his “Ninety-five Theses” to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany (1517), he had no idea that his reforming challenge would launch a movement that reverberates around the world to this day.

Recovering Holy Scripture as the rule of faith and practice was central to Luther’s reform message. His later summary of the reforming spirit dovetails nicely with the BA’s own mission: “Here is the sum of the matter: let everything be done so that the Word may have free course.”


The Bible Advocate seeks articles on the following themes:


January-February: Identification – Solo Christo

Finding our identity in our participation in the life of Jesus alone: Focus on John.

Topics: Articles on our identity in Christ vs. fleshly identities that distort/divide; reflections on Gospels: life of Jesus, parables, miracles, commandments, events.

Submission deadline: October 17, 2016


March-April: Revelation – Sola Scriptura

Finding our vision in God’s Word, the only rule of faith and practice: Focus on Psalms.

Topics: Bible authority and worldview: how we got it, read it, and apply it. Reflection on any theme/story that spans Old Testament and New Testament. Submission deadline: December 16, 2016


May-June: Reformation – Sola Fide

Finding our faithfulness by measuring all things against faith alone: Focus on Romans.

Topics: Explore big doctrines: incarnation, atonement, justification, sanctification; where the Reformation went right, wrong, or not far enough; Bible stories of faith.

Submission deadline: February 17, 2017


July-August: Transformation – Sola Gratia

Finding our lives shaped and empowered by the grace of God alone: Focus on Genesis.

Topics: Explore God’s initiating power, restoring mercy, our gratitude, essential change by new covenant; heroes of Genesis, grace/law; recovery testimonies.

Submission deadline: April 17, 2017


September-October: Communication – Sola Ecclesia

Finding our friendships and fellowship in a Spirit-formed community: Focus on Acts.

Topics: Practical shared life in the church: worship, prayer, singing, study, sharing resources, working, hospitality, and discipline. Contrast community in the world. Submission deadline: June 16, 2017


November-December: Consummation – Sola Caritas, Soli Deo Gloria

Finding our end — the climax of all things — in the love and glory of God: Focus on Isaiah.

Topics: All things prophecy, expectation, end times, goal of creation; warnings, cultural-economic-political critiques; judgment, millennium, Israel, kingdom.

Submission deadline: August 14, 2017

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