Full Count

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Faith-based sports drama Full Count is slated for a US theatrical release and same-day VOD/digital release on multiple platforms October 25.

Full Count tells the story of an unfortunate chain of events that force a young baseball phenom to give up his dreams of playing college baseball and return home to the farm and town he fought so hard to escape. The film has already received a Dove Seal of Approval for its integrity and faith themes.

The trailer for Full Count can be viewed on YouTube and iTunes.

In the story, life throws Milton Young a serious curve ball when he has to abandon his hard-won college baseball aspirations to deal with a tragedy that puts the fate of his family and their farm in jeopardy. Once he’s back home, he faces seemingly insurmountable economic and personal hardships, including his father’s death, a devastating injury causing him disability, as well as being suspected of committing a crime that could send him to prison for life.

An angelic drifter named David arrives on the farm to provide a helping hand and hope to Milton and his mother. What emerges is a heartwarming story about perseverance, faith, triumph, and the struggle to never let go of a dream.

For more information on Full Count, go to FullCountFeature.com and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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