Finishing the Race

The gravestone of one of my ancestors reads, “ I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7, KJV). This metaphor-filled declaration by Paul to Timothy came when the apostle neared death in prison. Now especially meaningful at the end of an Olympic year, finishing the race […]

Prophetic Pair

Jonah is a strange book, not just because a prophet gets swallowed by a fish or God grows a plant and sends a worm to eat it. It’s strange because it’s the story of a prophet who wouldn’t pronounce judgment on Nineveh for fear that God would be merciful. Jonah is strange because it’s the […]

Prelude to Glory

A cry arose from the throats of the milling throng: “Hosanna! He’s coming in the name of the Lord! May He be truly blessed!” Leafy tree branches and robes strewn in the roadway created a “red carpet” welcome. Children begged to be lifted higher to see this great spectacle — a Man riding on a […]

Our Resurrection Hope

When my father was converted in the late 1930s, he and Mother began looking for a Sabbathkeeping church as an alternative to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in our hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia. They found the Church of God (Seventh Day) and became members. When they began attending its services, they took my brothers and […]

Who in the World Are We?

Once upon a time, we were not a people, but now we are the people of God. Once we were without mercy, but now we have mercy. That’s what Apostle Peter says: God’s mercy has made us God’s people (1 Peter 2:10). Amen! Paul speaks about this people-forming mercy too, even more vividly: God’s church […]

Grace Incarnate

I do not want to make that phone call. As part of a local recovery support group, I have committed to be accountable to its members. We agree to make at least one phone call to one member every day. These phone conversations, for me at least, always start uncomfortably. Usually I end up having […]

You Feed Them

Never in human history has there existed a more loving, compassionate, and hospitable man than our beloved Master, Jesus Christ. A special story in the Gospel of Matthew illustrates this: When Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick. When it was evening, […]

Why Do You Go to Church?

Why do you go to church each week? To worship God? Do you go to sing and hear the sermon? What about going for fellowship? According to a recent survey by the Barna Group, people say they go to church for two main reasons: to grow closer to God and to learn more about Him. […]

The Glorious Body

In five months I turn 50. Pondering that big, fat number makes me consider that this aging body of mine could be in much better shape. Dr. Justice, our family practitioner, tells me that my blood pressure is climbing. So is my blood sugar. And my cholesterol. I can tell by my belt that the […]

Sing a Hymn about the Church

So far, the hymns featured in this series have followed the annual seasons. This installment, therefore, calls for a fall-related hymn. But the theme of this BA issue compels deviation, providing an opportunity to highlight Samuel Stone’s classic “The Church’s One Foundation.” It is one of twelve hymns published by the English clergyman in 1866, […]