Sharing the Gospel in Ten Words (With Hand Motions)

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Start by holding up both hands. The right hand represents God, and the left hand represents people. Repeat the words in bold aloud as you do the motions.

  1. God loves.” (Both hands are clasped together.)
  2. We sinned.” (Left hand moves to the left.)
  3. Jesus died.” (Right hand moves to the right. Now both hands are stretched out to form a cross.)
  4. God forgives.” (Right hand moves to the center.)
  5. We accept.”(Left hand moves to the center and clasps the right hand.)

Now man and God are back together.

— Lydia E. Harris

Excerpted from In the Kitchen with Grandma, by Lydia E. Harris, p. 170. Also printed in Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting, by Lydia E. Harris, pp. 177-178.

Lydia E. Harris
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