Bring Your Bible to School Day

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Bring Your Bible to School Day is set for Thursday, October 7, and registration is now open. On this day, students across the country will boldly celebrate their faith with the simple act of bringing their Bibles to school.

But simple acts have a way of making a profound impact.

Rosa Parks refused to give up a bus seat. Daniel continued to pray three times a day. And someday it might be said a child brought his or her Bible to school.

“This annual campaign empowers Christian students of all ages to speak God’s grace and truth into the culture around them, starting with two steps — bringing their Bibles to school and sharing what God’s Word means to them. It opens doors for students to talk to their friends about the gospel. It connects them with other believers in their school. And it allows them to celebrate their religious freedoms in the United States,” said Focus on the Family Program Manager Bret Eckelberry.

Last year over 500,000 students participated in Bring Your Bible to School Day in over 50,000 US schools. Each one a small act, but together, a bold statement made to a culture increasingly antagonistic toward the Christian worldview.

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