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Biblical Application: Authority of Scripture Part 6

Wrapping up our six-part series on the authority of Scripture, we examine the Bible’s impact on our lives.

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Biblical Authority – Part 1

What makes the Bible authentic? Find out in this first of a six-part series.

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Scripture Alone…But Not Alone With Scripture

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3 Keys to Communicating Christ

What is a Bible-based church?

Driving through Dallas recently, I saw a First Baptist Church billboard saying that they are Bible based. How does that differ from your claim to be a Bible-based church?   Your question offers another opportunity to think and talk about a few of our favorite things: the Bible, the church, and the agreements and disagreements among […]

Is Church of God (Seventh Day) part of the Protestant Reformation?

Does Church of God (Seventh Day) consider itself part of the Protestant Reformation? If so, in what ways?    Rather than claiming an exclusive role in Christian history, the Church of God (Seventh Day) affirms its kinship with all true believers — those who hold the faith of Jesus Christ and endeavor to keep the commandments […]

Jesus said He’s coming quickly, but He hasn’t yet. Doesn’t this show that the Bible is untrustworthy?

Jesus said He’s coming quickly, but He hasn’t returned yet. Doesn’t this show that the Bible is not really trustworthy?    The words “I am coming quickly” are found on the lips of Jesus four times, all in the book of Revelation (3:11; 22:7, 12, 20). These are the only Bible texts (KJV) where the […]