Accepting Jesus

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So many times I felt Your call but didn’t want to close the gap. I wasn’t ready to make a step that would lead into Your presence. In my childhood I loved to contemplate the beauty of nature. I knew You existed, but my steps were getting farther away from You.

You put a young man in my life who wanted us to get back in Your ways, but I couldn’t accept it and walked further away.

Later I tried to get closer, but each time I went back to the wrong path. Feeling more and more alone in a place where time doesn’t stop, I saw my life as a whirlwind of sadness, pain, and anguish — without direction or stability.

Despite my rebellion, You still blessed me. This young man, now my husband, felt the need to reconcile with You and started to search for a church where we could congregate. We finally came home in 2010. Your sons and daughters received us with open arms and smiles. I felt Your presence in their heart as they received our entire family with affection.

That day, I felt Your presence. My Lord, You were still waiting for me. I will not run from Your presence anymore. Thank You, Lord, for Your great love. Accepting You was the best decision of my life. Your forgiveness brought peace that I longed for many years. I now feel great joy walking alongside You.

Jesus filled my life that was once empty; He gave meaning to my existence. Each morning I give thanks for the life that You gave me, and I wish not to distance myself from you anymore. Now my family and I are in Your hands — all thanks to Your love and mercy.

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