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Weald Song

In summer’s hall, a sweetened air
here permeates my garden walk;
in ancient words of vibrant prayers —
by hand of God, the flowers talk
of Eden and of Genesis . . .
such flows the realm of nature’s bliss.

From roots to blooms, a thriving course,
reflections of my own being —
the drive to grow from spirit’s source,
a knowing human eyes aren’t seeing . . .
an onward walk in time and place
encompassed by our Savior’s grace.

Lucia Haase

Lucia Kiersch Haase
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Lucia Kiersch Haase has been writing poetry for about 20 years. She has published a few books: Divine Light, Living Water, Between Two Lakes - Sonnets Through the Window, A Gathering of Stones, and Joy Blooms. She has had several poems published in the US and internationally over the past 15 years and was recently included in an anthology, Symphonies of the Wild Hearted. Lucia lives in Spring Valley, IL.