Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories

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As a mother of two young children and a children’s leader in the church, Christian author G. B. Glory started thinking about the ways we teach children about faith — and what we might be missing.

Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories is for children ages 3-8. Included are stories not often told in children’s Bibles, such as the stories of Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and some Proverbs. Inside the images are bright, captivating, and unique — designed to help little ones remember the stories.

Available in both hardcover and softcover, as well as ebook editions, Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories shares stories from the Bible of friendship, God’s big displays of power, and His small, personal acts of love. These stories include lessons of God’s power and friendship with many examples and life applications straight from the Bible that are always relevant for people with Christian values. Read and enjoy these Bible stories with your children, and remember the importance of following Christ, loving others, and loving yourself. Find it at

Learn more about the author at https://www.authorgbglory.com/.

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