To Know Him by Name

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Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider explores God’s different prophetic and symbolic names in the Bible, which hold the keys to discovering God’s will and character. In his newest book, To Know Him by Name, Rabbi Schneider guides readers toward a deeper intimacy with God through understanding, offering a pathway to encounter the Lord’s blessings.

“Knowing the names and titles of God as revealed in the Hebrew Bible, or the Old Testament, is much more than an intellectual exercise,” Schneider notes. “By understanding them, we don’t just learn interesting information; we discover who God truly is and who He desires to be for us.”

Schneider encourages readers to not only learn the names of God, but also to declare them, trust them, and depend on them, so that readers may grow in their faith, and in turn experience greater victory in their lives.

There is power and purpose behind the names of God in the Bible. God provided these names so that he can be known more intimately, and also for believers to utilize them to help strengthen their faith.

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