The Quest for Self-Forgiveness

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Have you ever struggled to forgive yourself for past mistakes or wondered how to get free of guilt for hurting someone, and you need to move on? Though God has forgiven you, it might be hard to accept His grace for yourself. Award-winning author, speaker, and certified teacher Lynn Hare knows the struggle personally and has written a book to help fellow sojourners.

Years ago, Lynn was in a car accident with her infant son, Ben, who suffered a severe head injury. For more than two decades, she wrestled with guilt and condemnation. With personal stories, humorous illustrations, and practical tips, The Quest for Self-Forgiveness describes how to go from discouragement to inner joy and peace. It reveals how to walk free of guilt, regret, and condemnation; heal painful memories; reverse self-destructive patterns; learn new ways of thinking, improve self-talk; and gain a clear sense of God’s path and prevailing purpose.

Lynn says, “It’s my dream and prayer that people will gain freedom from their past and walk into their futures with the confidence of the greatest Possibilitarian!”

Lynn writes about discovering purpose in our journeys, releasing Spirit-filled joy, and finding possibilities in the most unlikely places. Her passion is activating the awareness of our identities in Christ and the explosive freedoms found in forgiveness. She has prayed one-on-one with thousands of people and serves on multiple intercessory teams in the Portland, Oregon area.

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