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To bless and encourage, to comfort, uplift,

That is the prayer of my heart;

To care for the needs of a sister or brother,

With strength and hope to impart. 

To carry a burden, to lighten a load,

To give them a shoulder, a smile,

To help them see Your love encircling them,

Helping to walk the next mile.

This is my prayer and the wish of my heart,

A love that others may see,

And as I’m uplifting and comforting, Lord,

I pray they’ll see You more than me.

– Sharon Lee Roberts


Sharon Lee Roberts
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Sharon Lee Roberts has published her writings in LIVE, Decision, Home Life, Standard, and other publications. She has written three children's books: Somebody Lives Inside (Concordia), A Special Time of Year (David C Cook), and Friendship - What Is It? (The Child's World). Sharon has also worked as a freelance editor and was editorial assistant for Living Streams, a Christian writer's publication. She lives in Chestertown, NY.