Be My eyes and be My ears,

Seeing, listening to hear

All those who need Me.

Be My hands and be My feet,

Reaching, walking thus to meet

The souls who seek Me.

Let your heart be so like Mine,

Calling on My love, divine,

That all who pass you on their way

Will turn around upon that day,

And as they turn will thus see Me

Because, dear one,

I dwell in thee. . . .


– Sharon Lee Roberts


The Gospel According to Isaiah July-August 2019

Written By

Sharon Lee Roberts has published her writings in LIVE, Decision, Home Life, Standard, and other publications. She has written three children's books: Somebody Lives Inside (Concordia), A Special Time of Year (David C Cook), and Friendship - What Is It? (The Child's World). Sharon has also worked as a freelance editor and was editorial assistant for Living Streams, a Christian writer's publication. She lives in Chestertown, NY.

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