Praying with Daddy: A Father’s Day Tribute

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by Caitlin (Stacy) Meadows


My earliest memories of my dad set the tone for my entire life. 

As a small child, probably three or four years old, I loved to wake up early to pray with him. Before coffee and Bible time with Mom, every morning Dad started his day kneeling at his chair in conversation with the Lord. Rather than shush me and instruct me to go back to bed, Daddy would draw me under his arms and together we would pray.

“Dear God, thank You for Caitlin. Please help her to grow into the godly young woman You created her to be. Help her to love You with all of her heart. Please help her future husband to grow into the godly young man You created him to be, who loves You with all of his heart.” 

Dad’s prayers would continue from there, but that was always how they started.


And so I learned to pray for my future husband. I watched my dad’s example closely every day to know what to look for. I knew a godly man would be humble, kind, strong, and firm in biblical boundaries, servant hearted, hardworking, generous, and continually growing in sanctification as he lives surrendered to Christ.

This example and the assurance that my future husband was so covered in my parents’ and grandparents’ prayers enabled me to weed out many possible suitors. One male friend of mine, who I greatly admired for his integrity and set-apart character, commented once, “Whoever you end up marrying has big shoes to fill.”


It hit me in that moment how thankful and proud I was to be Loren Stacy’s daughter. I trusted that the same Jesus who called and sanctified him would do the same for the man He had in store for me. But even more important, it reminded me to respond in full surrender to Jesus, allowing Him to shape me into the woman and future wife He had created me to be.

Of course I still stumbled off course at times ending up in tears over boys who broke my heart. Without harsh reprimand or any judgment, Daddy was always there to listen, hug, reassure, and pray me through. He would say, “I love you. And you know what else? I like you too.” With him, I was safe and secure.


Soon enough, the Lord brought me together with that godly young man Dad had prayed for my whole life. There weren’t any red flags or doubts with this one. 

After eleven years of marriage, my husband and I continue to be blessed by our parents’ faithful prayers on our behalf. It is a humbling delight to grow alongside my husband in the grace and truth of Christ. Together we are covered by the Holy Spirit and feel safe and secure in Him as I did so long ago when I was covered by Daddy, kneeling together in prayer.


My dad, in all his imperfections, did more than set an example of a godly husband for me. He exemplified the heavenly Father. He instilled in me a childlike faith in a welcoming, comforting, protective, and accessible Abba whose arms I could crawl into and rest secure in every way. My daddy pointed me to my Savior, Jesus Christ, who redeems His children from all our sinful ways and sets us apart in His likeness, for His glory.

Dad could have sent me back to bed all those early mornings long ago. I’m so thankful he didn’t.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you. And you know what else? I like you too.

A Lodi, California native, Caitlin (Stacy) Meadows now resides in west Michigan with her husband, Adam, and their sons Hudson (7), Declan (5), and Callen (7 months). Caitlin is currently a homemaker, homesteader, and homeschool mom. Through every unexpected twist and turn of life, Christ has been her constant stronghold as she lives every day with hope and expectancy of His awesome guidance!


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