Not of This World

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Standing, unafraid before the haughty Roman governor, we find our Lord declaring one of the great truths of His kingdom. It is not of this world! His servants do not fight for His cause here. They are not of the world, even as He was not of the world.

The centuries have passed and still there are those who profess to follow Him, or who desire to be known as Christians, who have not yet learned this great lesson. They forgot that He has said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation . . . ” and forgetting, they seek to help with worldly schemes in an effort to take away the tribulation.

Never was there a time when the government was any worse than it was at the time of Christ. Utter poverty and obnoxious disease were to be found in the same city with haughty wealth. The rulers of the people cared nothing for good government and order, but sought only to extort more taxes.

Yet in the midst of such conditions we find the Christ leading out in no movement to reform or overthrow the government. He warned them of the great persecutions which they would have, but He did not advise them to seek protection in laws.

Today we find a world of crime, war, political and social injustice. Various plans, systems, parties and laws are advocated to relieve these conditions, and many of them seek the support of those who profess to follow Christ.

The true Christian recognizes only one cause of all the strife and trouble in this world, and that great, underlying cause is SIN. Likewise the Christian recognizes only one remedy for this world’s troubles, and that great, all-sufficient remedy is Christ in the lives of the people.

Ambassadors of the King, citizens of a “heavenly” country, strangers and sojourners here — how can we have a part in the strife of the world? Let us rather proclaim the message of the government soon to be set up, under which all will be righteousness and joy and peace. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

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