New Testament Experience

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On March 29, the Moore-West Center of Applied Theology and the JourneyWise Network opened the “New Testament Experience” exhibit at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

The “New Testament Experience” is a three-part immersive experience produced in part by Jonathan Martin Creative (JMC) and Mystery Box, the media company working with The Chosen television series.

This experience fully immerses museum guests as they embark through three distinctive areas: the prologue, the story, and the epilogue. The prologue introduces guests to the historical context of Jesus’s life and teachings. The story is a short film that focuses on the events of Luke 24, the road to Emmaus. The epilogue presents the final New Testament proclamation that Jesus is coming once again. This immersive experience captures the entirety of the New Testament’s core message.

The Moore-West Center is providing an immediate opportunity for guests to continue their New Testament study. Upon exiting the exhibit, visitors will engage with the Life Along the Way Information Center to learn how they can be on a 365-day walk through the life of Jesus, reading His words chronologically in the Gospels, in the Life Along the Way series created by Dr. Shane Stanford and the JourneyWise team.

The information center features devotional and curriculum information with QR codes for easy access to the resources and Life Along the Way app. Visitors will find each of the four 90-day devotional books available for sale in the museum bookstore. The Moore-West Center is thrilled for the opportunity to further the center’s mission to “equip people on the journey of life to love Jesus and love like Jesus along the way.”

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