Moses on DVD and Digital HD

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Sight & Sound Theatres has teamed up with Virgil Films & Entertainment to release the filmed version of their original stage production Moses on October 16. This epic retelling of the adventurous Bible story provides a spectacular entertainment experience for all ages.

“More than a million people come to see one of our shows live on stage every year,” Sight & Sound Theatres CEO Matt Neff said. “And now, instead of audiences coming to us, we’re going to them.” Filmed in front of a live audience at Sight & Sound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Moses is an original stage production experienced by nearly two million people.

“Sight & Sound is here to engage the hearts and minds of our audiences with stories from the Bible,” Josh Enck, Executive Producer of the show and President/Chief Creative Officer of Sight & Sound, said. “There’s tremendous demand for these shows, but not everyone can come to our theaters in Lancaster, PA or Branson, MO. Releasing the filmed version of the show into the DVD and digital world is a great way to help more people have a Sight & Sound experience.”


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