Instant Christ to Launch on iTunes

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Instant Christ™, the first ever patent-pending Christian, faith-based social media platform, will launch on iTunes in April. Users will stay connected spiritually with family, friends, Christians, and people of faith around the world. Founded by ordained minister Donald Cyprian and his wife, Cenaca, the newly launched app revolutionizes the way Christians and people of faith find each other, pray together, and both give and receive help — in real time — in a safe, positive, digital environment.

For the first time on a social media platform, users will be able to reply to a post or prayer request with a video response directly from a user’s mobile device by pressing the video prompt that appears within the comment thread. This unique feature allows users to have a more customized and personalized interaction with those seeking prayer support. Other unique features include special prayer groups, Bible studies, local church announcements, and a directory of Christian talent.

The Instant Christ™ app will be available in six different languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and French, and is also available on all Android devices.

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