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I Hear The Call

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I Hear the Call


I hear the call to the highest peaks, 

The cry to the deepest trenches,

And I fear the barren summits,

And dread the darkest tempests.


I know the Creator of the mountains, 

The Maker of the deep,

And I trust the One who calls and guides

To tend and grow and love His sheep. 


I hear the call to climb higher,

The cry to dive deeper yet,

And I feel the rising fear within

But I seize faith, rise up, and step.


  • Alisha Plummer


Alisha Plummer
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Alisha Plummer has been published in the Upper Room, Christian Devotions Ministries, and the Baptist New Mexican. She works in the emergency department by day and writes a devotional blog ( by night. Alisha lives in Rio Rancho, NM, with her wonderful family and a dog named Duchess.