January February 2021

Who is Your Master?

“I just need to check my Instagram one more time before bed.” “If I don’t worry about it, no one will.” “I cannot believe I just did that. People are going to think I’m a loser.” At the start of my New Testament Survey class, I did a study on Matthew 6. I had always […]

Moses’ Mistake

Why do we sin? One reason has to do with our emotions. We can seethe over someone who has done wrong to us or spoken against us, and then lash out at them or slander them. We can envy what a person has to the point of wishing them ill. Even though we believe we […]

I Hear The Call

I Hear the Call   I hear the call to the highest peaks,  The cry to the deepest trenches, And I fear the barren summits, And dread the darkest tempests.   I know the Creator of the mountains,  The Maker of the deep, And I trust the One who calls and guides To tend and […]

Will we have eternal reunions with our loved ones?

Does Scripture teach that we will be reunited with loved ones in the kingdom of heaven? When people say, “Daddy’s happy now. He’s with Mother again,” I just smile. I would dearly love to see my parents again, but I can’t think of where the Bible tells me so. Is there any basis for thinking […]

Found or Falling? – First Word from the Jan-Feb BA

It’s 2021, and I bet you are as ready to leave 2020 behind as I am. But a new year doesn’t mean a new world. The confused, chaotic forces unveiled last year are challenges that remain. Our theme for this year is “Faithful.” We ask, what does it mean to be faithful in a decaying […]

Reconciliation in God’s Time

The Bible says much about the subject of reconciliation. Through the blood of Christ, God forgave our sins and reconciled us to Him. But what happens when someone does wrong to us? We can gain insight through the story of Jacob and Esau. Family conflicts Long ago, there were twin brothers born to parents who […]


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