Jonathon Hicks

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The Power of Words

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth with words. He said, “Let there be,” and there…

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How to Finish

Reading Time: 6 minutesI have always been afraid of not finishing what I start. As early as age eleven, I worried that…

Peace and Goodwill — Toward All

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen I heard that the Bible Advocate was spending a year on the Ministry of Reconciliation, I was thrilled….

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Disciples in Distress

Reading Time: 5 minutesNow, more than in any other epoch, the church needs to reorient her understanding of doubt. James K. A….

Koinonia and the Cross

Reading Time: 6 minutesParadox is a Christian word. That is, God is larger than logic, which means God, by His nature, is…

Uniting the Testaments

Reading Time: 5 minutesSomething is always lost in translation. That is a sickening axiom to all who have a sacred book in…

The Militant Messiah

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe New Testament says we are engaged in a powerful battle. But before we get to this, we should…

Choosing Godly Leaders

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting…