Jonathon Hicks

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How to Finish

I have always been afraid of not finishing what I start. As early as age eleven, I worried that I could not say with Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). How did Paul remain faithful through more than thirty years of […]

Peace and Goodwill — Toward All

When I heard that the Bible Advocate was spending a year on the Ministry of Reconciliation, I was thrilled. Some of my first Christian thoughts were those of reconciliation. Today, after seven years as a pastor, I still think we need to hear this message and spread it with the greatest resolve. I base my […]

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Disciples in Distress

Worship and evangelism in the company of doubt.

Koinonia and the Cross

Paradox is a Christian word. That is, God is larger than logic, which means God, by His nature, is paradoxical. His grace that forgives us through the cross of Christ allows relationship with Him, contradicting how we should be treated for our sins. When we are brought into new life with Him, we begin to […]

Uniting the Testaments

Something is always lost in translation. That is a sickening axiom to all who have a sacred book in their non-native tongue. But because it is true, we are forced to translate in imaginative ways in order to benefit the reader most. Whether you read a word-for-word or a thought-for-thought translation of the Bible, you […]

The Militant Messiah

The New Testament says we are engaged in a powerful battle. But before we get to this, we should understand that another type of battle was taking place in the time of Jesus and that how Jesus fought transforms how His disciples make war. In the story of the feeding of the five thousand (Mark […]

Choosing Godly Leaders

This summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting most of this change, for better or for worse.