March April 2019

garden path

He Never Gave Up On Me

Discovering God’s gifts and calling over a lifetime.

man with a bible

Disciples in Distress

Worship and evangelism in the company of doubt.

blueprint design with ruler

Worship by Design

Dynamic and life changing worship is the result of deliberate design.



We cannot truly belong to Christ if we try to earn our salvation.

boat on the ocean

The “Oh!” of God

Discovering the awe of the Creator through the life of His servant-sufferer.

river at sunset

Music to God’s Ears: How to Pray the Hymnal

Want to worship? Pray the hymnal.

Living Sacrifices: A Ritual of Worship

Understanding the symbolism of an Old Testament ritual of worship.

Why Worship?

Biblical reasons to celebrate our good God.

congregational worship

Our Witness, Our Worship

Reframing the Great Commission.

Are souls immortal?

Does the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Christ in glory on the Mount of Transfiguration, long after their natural deaths, prove the immortality of the soul? The immortal soul doctrine many Christians believe is that all people are born with an internal, spiritual component (or soul) that cannot die, but departs the body at […]