March April 2019

garden path

He Never Gave Up On Me

When God called me to ministry, it came as a shock to me and, undoubtedly, to everyone who knew…

man with a bible

Disciples in Distress

Now, more than in any other epoch, the church needs to reorient her understanding of doubt. James K. A….

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Worship by Design

This article is a condensed chapter from the book Getting a Handle on Worship by 



  When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted. (Matthew 28:17) In my previous article, I talked about…

boat on the ocean

The “Oh!” of God

In January, I resolved to read through the Bible. My journey began well. I cruised through several chapters each…

river at sunset

Music to God’s Ears: How to Pray the Hymnal

I worship every week in a contemporary church. Hymns occur infrequently during the worship service, but they…

Living Sacrifices: A Ritual of Worship

Worship isn’t just something we do in church. An Old Testament ritual of worship, held in various ways…

Why Worship?

For many atheists and agnostics, the idea of a God who encourages or demands praise and worship (Exodus 8:1,…

congregational worship

Our Witness, Our Worship

Like all important endeavors of life, a commitment to evangelism requires that we return to Scripture for instruction. But…

Are souls immortal?

Does the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Christ in glory on the Mount of Transfiguration, long after their…