Dorothy Nimchuk

Blood-Washed Genes

“I’ll absolutely die if I can’t have these stonewashed jeans. All my friends have them!” “Foolish priorities,” we may respond. But what of our own concerns? What are we willing to forego to satisfy our whims? No tickets to the Super Bowl, so we’re willing to concede to the scalpers’ prices? Max the credit cards, […]

Prelude to Glory

A cry arose from the throats of the milling throng: “Hosanna! He’s coming in the name of the Lord! May He be truly blessed!” Leafy tree branches and robes strewn in the roadway created a “red carpet” welcome. Children begged to be lifted higher to see this great spectacle — a Man riding on a […]

The Orchard

Let the bank take over and forget it. We can’t keep the place going. There’s no future here. It was the 1920s, and a major Depression breathed down their necks. Reeling from the death of their doctor-husband and father, the Crockett family made a nearly unanimous decision to desert the orchard. The daughter, Adele (Kitty) […]

“Through His Eyes”

by Dorothy Nimchuk Jesus had been the central figure in the kangaroo court charade. Now, nailed to the cross, in the midst of untold pain, He viewed the gathered crowd. The chief priests and elders had been quick to mock: “He saved others. If He is truly the Son of God, let Him save Himself […]

Come to the Birth

A day of trouble, rebuke, and blasphemy was upon the Israelites as Assyria laid siege to Jerusalem (Isaiah 37:2-4). They had a vicious battle on their hands, with no hope of deliverance. King Hezekiah sent his emissaries to the prophet Isaiah with a special message: “the children have come to birth, but there is no […]

On the Fringe of Feeling

First love! Grade two. I could hold a book in my hand and read it cover to cover. By grade three, I had embraced a love of writing. My “roses are red” sonnet written to a fellow student was rejected and thrown away where my girlfriends found it. (Oh, the embarrassment!) In grade five, an […]