Writing Tips

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The time you spend writing is valuable! These writing tips are here to help you spend this time crafting articles that will connect with and engage our readers.

1. Understand Artios’ unique point of view (pov).

Artios Magazine exists to equip everyday Christians for everyday leadership. We believe that God can and will use you to influence those naturally around you for Christ. Our conviction is that Christian leaders are not solely those with church and ministry titles, but every person who has surrendered his or her life to Christ. Each of our articles must emphasis this conviction and provide constructive insight to encourage the reader as a leader for Jesus in his or her arenas of influence. Please, take a few moments to read these pillar posts to better understand the Artios pov:

2. Understand your readers.

Artios Magazine readers are women and men, mostly between the ages of 30 and 40 who want to make a positive impact on their sphere of influence and could be nudged to embrace a lifestyle of Christian leadership. They love Jesus with all their heart and desire to serve Him. They are familiar with basic Christian teachings and desire to serve God in their homes, churches, and communities. Each of them has a unique call to leadership and a significant role to play in the Body of Christ. They want to know how they can serve Him more faithfully and more effectively.

3. Make sure your article fits into one of our categories.

  • God-Thoughts: This is the category for articles which provide biblical foundations for leadership. It’s where readers can find articles to aid in their study of the truth.
  • Restoration: This is the category for articles which provide personal healing. It’s where readers can find articles to address their pains and repair their hearts and minds.
  • Life+Leadership: This is the category for articles which provide practical ministry tools. It’s where readers can find articles to assist them as they serve & lead those with whom they interact in their daily lives.

4. Choose a keyword and specific focus. 

Before you write, construct one of the following focus sentences:

  • The reader should do  _____ because of  _____ .
  • The reader can accomplish ______ by doing ______.

Your keyword will be in one of those blanks. Make sure you keep your keyword and focus sentence in mind the entire time you are writing.

5. Write an engaging introduction.

The first few sentences is where you connect with your reader, so it pays off to spend time crafting an engaging opening. Try to include your keyword in your first sentence. Your introduction should be very clear on why your topic is significant to leadership development.


7.  Keep readability in mind.

Doing the following will help keep your reader engaged the entire article:

8. Write with kindness and honesty.

Our readers are our peers, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our ministry teammates…and you have something of value to offer them!

Write in a semi-informal tone like you are talking to a friend and sharing with them something that has been helpful to you as a follower of Christ that you think will be helpful to them as well. Don’t talk down to them but rather encourage them as someone who has been there. Feel free to use personal examples and anecdotes. These can be especially engaging as a first paragraph.

If you did any research for your article, remember to show honesty and kindness by giving credit to the original sources!

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