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The world’s first daily video devotional app, Tome, launched in September. Designed as a guide for people who have a desire for the Bible but don’t know where to start or how to engage with it, Tome provides an immersive experience with personal video devotionals purposefully designed to meet people where they are at in their faith and lifestyle.

The past two years have presented a multitude of challenges, including COVID-19, political and social unrest, natural disasters, and more. Studies show that levels of anxiety and depression are at an all-time high, yet people are seeking edifying content.

Tome was created by co-founders Heaslip and Troy Pollock as a solution to bring the Bible directly to people. The app harnesses technology to make Scripture easily digestible for those that are averse to church, yet want God to be just as relevant as their Instagram feed.

The app leverages today’s faith leaders and cultural influencers to act as guides to share their stories through the lens of Scripture. Among the Tome guides are former Dallas Cowboy safety Darren Woodson, Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund, comedian and actor Michael Jr., former mob boss Michael Franzese, and Toni Collier, pastor at Hillsong Atlanta — to name a few.

Each daily video is rooted in a scripture passage, but doesn’t shy away from real struggles rampant in today’s culture, from mental health and conflict to addiction and injustice.

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