This We Believe

Statement of Faith 9 Marriage   This we believe: Marriage is an institution of God and is an exclusive lifetime union between one man and one woman for the purpose of perpetuating humanity and enriching human experience. Reflecting the bond between Christ and His church, marriage may be broken only by sexual immorality. Like the […]

A Call to Holiness

From the archive • March 1968 A Call to Holiness • by John Kiesz   There should be seen a vast difference between sinners and saints. According to the Scriptures a sinner is one who transgresses the law (1 John 3:4), while a saint is one who keeps the law (Rev. 14:12). Eventually sinners will […]

A Journey to Grace

The Church of Christ (early 1860s) in Michigan was the earliest predecessor to the Church of God (Seventh Day). Her doctrine of salvation through Jesus Christ, or soteriology, was stated by Enos Easton, editor of The Hope of Israel magazine: “As principles we shall maintain . . . ‘That sin entered the world and death by sin;’ […]

Sin and Salvation: This We Believe Part 2

Continuing through our statements of faith, the following excerpts are taken from This We Believe: Teachings of the Church of God (Seventh Day).

Talking TULIP

As we begin a yearlong journey exploring our Statement of Faith, we consider profound questions related to the relationship between God and humanity. Central to such discussions is the Calvinist vs. Arminian debate, which raises questions regarding God’s will, human freedom, and grace. To engage this debate, we consider the five points of Calvinism, summarized […]

The Bible the only God-Breathed BOOK

THERE is no book used more widely as a source book of information for guidance in Christian living than the Holy Bible. Indeed, there is no other book more worthy of this general usage! The Bible — and only the Bible — serves as the guide to the Church of God in matters pertaining to […]

Is the law still relevant to believers in Jesus?

Romans 6:15 says Christians are not under law but under grace. Galatians 3:23-25 says after faith has come, we are no longer under the law as a tutor. Is the law still relevant to believers in Jesus? If so, in what ways?   According to Christ and the apostles, the law of God remains relevant […]

Do I have to speak in tongues to be saved?

My friend visited a church recently and was told that she wasn’t saved if she didn’t speak in tongues. What does CoG7 teach about this subject?   Speaking in tongues, one of nine spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, figures prominently in the Church’s communication of the gospel to new peoples and languages (Acts […]

Should I question my salvation because I can’t break a bad habit?

I am not sure of my salvation. I tried to repent of cigarette smoking, but it won’t go away. I came as I was, asking Jesus to save me, but nothing makes any difference. Now it seems no hope is left. Will this sin keep me out of heaven? Sin is often experienced in the […]

If I’ve fallen away before, should I question my salvation now?

Many years ago — young, naive, ignorant — I was baptized to please my husband’s family. I was a believer, but I didn’t realize fully what baptism meant. As time went on, I fell away and sinned terribly. Years later my husband and I were re­baptized into the church. Now I have become con­cerned about […]